The Last Colony by John Scalzi

Book Review


The Last Colony (Old Man's War #3)Book Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fantasy

Book Series: Old Man’s War #3

Released: 4/17/2007 by Tor Books

Pages: 320  Price: $7.99 Paperback

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

Buy the Book: Amazon The Last Colony (Old Man’s War)

Source: I borrowed a copy of this book from my library.



Book Synopsis:

Retired from his fighting days, John Perry is now village ombudsman for a human colony on distant Huckleberry. With his wife, former Special Forces warrior Jane Sagan, he farms several acres, adjudicates local disputes, and enjoys watching his adopted daughter grow up.

That is, until his and Jane’s past reaches out to bring them back into the game–as leaders of a new human colony, to be peopled by settlers from all the major human worlds, for a deep political purpose that will put Perry and Sagan back in the thick of interstellar politics, betrayal, and war.

My Review:

I continue to work my way through this amazing series and simply marvel at the genius and talent of John Scalzi.  Wow. This author’s work is blowing me away.  To think I met him and did not yet know the magnitude of the work I had yet to enjoy.  Facepalm time.  I am both delighted and horrified that I have the last three books in this series lined up and waiting to be read, I don’t think I will want it to end.

This book brought us back to John and Jane as they have carved out a nice little life for themselves among the colonies. They quickly find themselves drafted back into the war as they become pawns of the colonial defense force.  Again Scalzi does a bang up job of showing us just how crappy humans can be, especially humans that want to keep their corrupt war industry going.

This book gives us everything I love about Scalzi; humor, action with consequences, corruption, honor, and hope.  He takes us on a journey and shows us all sides of the human condition while entertaining us along the way. My main complaint about the book is one plot thread that seemed to go nowhere (indigenous creatures).  Otherwise, this book was pretty awesome.  It did have the feeling of finality to it, almost like he meant this one to be the last and if you are tired of long series you could totally leave this world here and be satisfied.  I, on the other hand, am enjoying the ride so I’m going to stick it out for the next three books (I ordered them already anyway…).

This isn’t a light and fluffy read, there is depth to this series.  But still, if you are simply looking for something entertaining don’t let that stop you.  Hands down this is simply an excellent read no matter how you approach it.  This author is has become one of my favorites.

My Rating: 5 Stars


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