Monday Morning Check-In: What a week…

Monday Morning Check-In

What a week it has been.  Last week when I was typing up this post on Sunday evening I had Cancer and was less than 24 hours away from being diagnosed with it.  I’ve probably had it for a few months, if not longer, just didn’t know it yet.  Explains quite a bit actually.  But this topic is for my other blog What I’m Dealing With and you are welcome to go follow me there if you want to follow my treatment and emotions.

Last week my husband was also off work for the week, will be this one too, at first I was annoyed with his employer because we need the paycheck they decided they decided we didn’t.  Because he was off and we need the money we decided to list quite a bit on eBay which took up much of my time last week.  I was also feeling like crap, emotionally and physically, so I didn’t feel like doing much after that and went to bed at 8:30 several evenings.  We also watched a ton of movies.  So many movies that I am now sick and tired of watching movies.  I want to read my book.  I want the peace and quiet that reading brings, my husband, however, wants to watch two or three or even four movies a day.  Today, Christmas, we have managed to only watch one and it has been pure bliss.  I managed to make progress in my current read.

I’m not sure if I will get much reading done next week either.  I have my appointment in Iowa City and work two days.  Husband is also off.  I hope to have surgery soon so I imagine I will have lots of time coming up with nothing to do but read.  Can we say silver lining? Well I hope you all had a good Christmas and spent time with those you love.  Happy Reading!


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