Monday Check-In: Errands…

Monday Morning Check-In

Good evening everyone.  Sorry today’s post is late my morning was busy running errands for my husband and by the time I got home I was tired, mentally, and needed a little time to myself.  My busy weekend started on Friday when a friend and I went to town shopping and then Saturday my husband and I took our lives into our hands and went to town in a snow store on really crappy tires.  Do NOT buy Hankook tires if you live anywhere where it can snow over a dusting.  You will be in serious trouble.  Sunday the snow continued and the search for tires that would not kill us this winter or total our brand new car began.  The car is only a year old and these Hankook tires are what the manufacturer puts on them.  Should have been good for another 30,000 miles but they look as if they are bald on 26K.  Saturday on about an inch of snow was the most terrifying ride I have ever taken, and I’ve driven across the state in a blizzard before.  We were all over the road when other drivers were blowing by us.  Anyway, everything will be fixed soon and now we know to stay far away from that brand of tires.  Frustrating that we have had the car about a month and already have to put new tires on it but safety is number one priority, especially now that we do not have a truck.

On the reading front, I am really into science fiction right now.  Finding myself lost in books again so I am just going to go with it.  Spent a little money on books over the weekend.  Picked up J.R. Ward’s latest release and picked up some hard to find titles on eBay last Sunday.  I’m going to count them as my Christmas presents.  Somehow the scales seem out of balance with hubby getting a car and new tires, but that’s okay.  I also picked up some new toys for the kittens, like they need them, that I am going to save for Christmas day and get them all inside to play.  Well, that’s all I got.  I hope you all have a great week, happy reading!


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