Monday Morning Check-in: Staying Positive

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning everyone!  I realize that I have been a little dark and  gloomy lately so this morning I have decided for the rest of the year I am only going to share positive posts, or try to anyways…  Maybe if I spend some time dwelling on what makes me happy or that is going right I can start to shift my attitude around to my more optimistic self.  So, let’s see.

Over the weekend we had amazing eBay sales, going to have some money to put towards the new car soon.  I am also working on a display with the library directory for our town’s Christmas celebration.  Going to be pretty amazing and I will be sure to take a picture when it is all done to share with you all.  Probably posted to Instagram.  I haven’t been doing much reading reading lately.  I really need to get my eyes checked, I need bifocals and a designated set of reading glasses.  I have been enjoying my audiobooks, however.  The one I am listening to currently  is really good.  The Long Earth by Pratchett.  Has mixed reviews, seems that people either love it or hate it.  I’m leaning towards love it.  Managed to get most of my chores done yesterday so today I have time to either listen or read while I relax after a busy weekend.  We received our first snow over the weekend and I would talk more about it but I just said I would stay positive….

Happy reading and see you tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday.


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