Monday Morning Check-In: Gone Nucular

Monday Morning Check-In

Hello, my name is Amy and I have a social media, stress, and bad attitude problem.  I waste entirely too much time on Facebook, Youtube, and news sites.  So for the rest of the year, I am grounding myself from these daily distractions in hopes that I will become more productive and less stressed.  The constant following of politics, current events and keeping up with my Facebook feed simply adds to my stress and keeps me in this gloom I’ve found myself in.  So two days ago I decided to take a break from them for the rest of the year and just focus on our eBay sales, work, and my reading/blog.  I am not a fan of this time of year anyway and seeing everyone celebrate the holidays on Facebook simply exasperated the hard feelings, so this year I’m not, I’m signing off.  That way I don’t have to be a wet blanket and feel guilty for being so negative or put out there a false image of someone who is happy and thankful for so much when quite frankly I’m not feeling it this year.  The second half of 2016 sucked and I’m ready for it to be over.

Of course, I broke my new rule the first and second day so I have gone nuclear.  I downloaded a chrome extension to block the sites that I am trying to avoid as well as deleting the links from my phone.  I’m not going to let myself cheat.  I’m not.  Hopefully… Finger’s crossed.  It’s only one month after all.  It’s not like I’m giving up these sites forever.  I just need a break.  I am way too stressed lately and all the negativity in the news and resentment of happy well-adjusted families is making that worse.  So I wish all my friends the best and I hope they have a magical holiday season and are surrounded by their loved ones. I do,  I truly wish you the best.  I just don’t need to witness it this year.  I need some me time and husband time to try to get my head back on straight.

So what does this mean for the blog?  Hopefully, it means I will be bringing you more reviews and blog posts on time as I have done away with my worst distractors.  I still plan to share pictures through Instagram if you follow me over there.  Monday Morning Check-In and Top Ten Tuesday will also continue as planned.  I am also trying to think of a 365 something for next year.  Not sure if it will be blog related or just Instagram yet.  I don’t think I am up to doing a blog post every day, but I might be up for an Instagram post a day.  Maybe a featured book from my home library or a picture of the same spot for a year.  I’m not sure but if you have an idea feel free to share it in the comments.  I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to being more focused this December and hopefully bringing you more book reviews.  Happy Reading!


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