Monday Morning Check-In: Reading slowing down…

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone,  I am actually typing this up and getting it posted in the morning, on Monday!  Yay, me.  Looks like the husband will be home all week again as the factory where he works decided to do a temp layoff instead of having everyone come in for just three days this week. I believe they did this last year too.  Not a huge deal but still kind of sucks.  We are going to take this opportunity to do some more repairs around the house and post items to eBay as I also work less this week.  That means I might not get a ton of reading done this week.  I am going to type up my Top Ten Tuesday next so it is ready to go, sorry for missing last week, I was still dealing with car drama.  I have been working on an audiobook while at work as I accomplished non-blog chores and hope to get that reviewed for you this week.  I did finish an ARC last week but needed to hold the review until a little closer to the review date.

Anyway,  I hope life returns to some resemblance of normal soon so I can get back into the swing of things with the blog and be reading.  I hope those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving have a good holiday Thursday and to the rest simply have a great week.  Happy reading!


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