Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick

Book Review


Book Genre: Cookbook, Non-Fiction

Book Series: N/A

Released:10/11/16 by Ten Speed Press

Pages:272  Price: $35 Hardcover

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Buy the Book: Amazon Soframiz: Vibrant Middle Eastern Recipes from Sofra Bakery and Cafe

Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Blogging for Book(B.F.B) for an honest review.



Book Synopsis:

A charming collection of 100 recipes from Cambridge’s Sofra Bakery and Cafe, showcasing modern Middle Eastern spices and flavors with exotic yet accessible sweet and savory dishes geared toward everyday cooking and entertaining.

Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick have traveled extensively throughout Turkey and the Middle East, researching recipes and gaining inspiration for their uber-popular cafe and bakery, Sofra. In their first cookbook together, the two demystify and explore the flavors of this popular region, creating accessible, fun recipes for everyday eating and entertaining. With a primer on essential ingredients and techniques, and recipes such as Morning Buns with Orange Blossom Glaze, Whipped Feta with Sweet and Hot Peppers, Eggplant Manoushe with Labne and Za’atar, and Sesame Caramel Cashews, Soframiz will transport readers to the markets and kitchens of the Middle East.

My Review:

Not finding a fiction book that I wanted to request from B.F.B I decided to explore the other genres offered and stumbled across this little gem.  After seeing the word Turkey while skimming the description I decided to put in my request.  The book arrived on Friday and as I opened the box in front of my husband he promptly took the book from me and claimed it as his own.  You see I married a Turk and he was thrilled to look through this beautiful cookbook, drooling over the pictures and making plans to try some of them out for our holiday celebrations this year.  His only “complaint” or more like wish was that there were some soup recipes included, but once I explained that this was from a bakery he understood their absence.  Still a nice selection of favorites he remembers from his youth and our travels.

This is a stunning book and of excellent quality.  Nice and sturdy, should hold up nicely in a kitchen while cooking or baking, still would be shame to mess this one up with spills or stains.  Many of the recipes feature lovely pictures and all come with a paragraph explaining the history of the recipe, either its origins in the culture or about its use in the author’s restaurants. The book is broken down into eight sections ( Breakfast, Meze, Flatbreads, Savory Pies, Cookies and Confections, Specialty Pastries Cakes and Desserts, Beverages and Pantry).  Not really enough variety for a full meal, but plenty of selection for treats or appetizers at a party or special occasion.  I though the Beverage section was most interesting and want to try several of the recipes listed.  I was also delighted to find a Simit recipe in there and might have to work myself up to trying to make this classic Turkish Street treat.  The pantry section in back was also very nice as it explained some of the less common ingredients, their importance and origins.  In the back is a handy index, which isn’t always featured in these specialty/fancy/coffee table cookbooks, so handy.

I am thrilled to be adding this book to our cookbook collection and actually have plans to attempt many of the recipes I found inside.  If you like food from this area of the world or simply looking to expand your palate this is a wonderful book to pick up.  Most of the recipes look to be of dishes that are fairly safe, flavor wise, and can be enjoyed by most people.  Nothing too far out there .

My Rating: 5 Stars


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