Monday Morning Check-In: Returning to Normalcy

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday early afternoon everyone.  I am still recovering from the weekend away, worked on laundry and played with two kittens going through weaning this morning so I didn’t get around to posting my blog.  Husband and I returned to our Alma Mater for homecoming last weekend so I did not get much reading done.  We did attempt to listen to an audio book on the way down but we both were going on such little sleep that we decided to stop after one disk and just listen to the radio.  It was simply too much of a struggle to stay awake.  We had a wonderful trip though.  My class had quite a few alumni show up and it was so nice to visit with everyone.  I hope to visit with some that live not too far away again soon.  Maybe some weekend getaways to cities other than Chicago.

Now it is time to get back to a little normalcy at the Softa house and here at Read What I Like.  While I still miss my animals that I’ve lost it is time to start moving on.  I felt the heavy hand of depression this weekend, not that I didn’t have a good time, but it was like there was a taint to everything.  I was crabbier, fortunately Sel was the only one that had to witness that, and a little lost.  I need to return to books.  I need to find a good story to get excited about and lost in.  The right tale has the power to transform your attitude and lift you up from any mood you find yourself trapped in.  So today I return to my books and try to find my way back to myself.

Happy Reading


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