Top Ten Tuesday: Fall 2016 TBR

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

September 27: Books On My Fall TBR List

Okay, here is the deal.  It has been no secret that I’ve slowed down in my reading by quite a bit and there are quite a few books from previous seasonal TBR lists that I simply haven’t gotten to.  So for this list rather than share books, series and authors that I have yet to make time to read I’m going to go through the books being released in the next three months and look for titles by authors that I’ve never tried before.  Might be nice to have something new to put off reading.  This year I’ve been trying to find my reading groove again and I’ve focused on authors I already have relationships with for this list I’m going to take a look and see who else I might want to try.  Now for the rules: Must be first in a series, must be by someone I’ve not read before, must be coming out in Sept, Oct, Nov, or Dec.  Shall we begin.

Ten books coming out this fall that caught my fancy.


  1. The Ones Released 9/6/16 : Even though this one is a YA title I actually might give it a try.  The premise sounds interesting and I’ve not read many dystopians recently.  Also a male author which would be a nice change of pace as I tend to read mainly female authors.
  2. Revenger Released 9/15/16: another male author and a space science fiction to boot.  This one looks quite interesting and I might just have to see if it shows up on Net Galley.  If not I will suggest it for my library.
  3. Replica (Replica, #1) Release 10/4/16: This one I actually picked up and had signed at BEA in May.  Haven’t read it yet, haven’t even looked at it much, but I do want to read it eventually.  What’s holding me back, waiting to be in the mood I guess…
  4. IQ Release 10/18/16: another I picked up at BEA.  This one I grabbed because it was early in the conference and the author’s line was short and the cover looked interesting.  I will say that the author was very sweet and so excited to be at BEA promoting his first book.  I’ve seen this one online quite a bit over the past few months and my interest in it has picked up.  Might not read it before release date but it will get its turn.
  5. The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World Releases 10/18/16: okay this book caught my eye because of my recent loss and the cute little kitten on the cover.  The only NF on the list and  it actually looks interesting.
  6. Warrior Releases 10/25/16: This looks to be a retelling for an opposing viewpoint novel.  It sounds interesting but leaves me torn over the decision of should I go back and read the other books first or just start here….
  7. Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, #1) Releases 10/30/16:  This one is a bit of a stretch at 540 pages and a cover I’m not thrilled about I might end up passing on this title, but for the purpose of this list I am going to go ahead and say ‘yeah, this one might be interesting.’
  8. The Diabolic Releases 11/1/16: another BEA score that has sat on my shelf and probably won’t be read before its release date.  I love the cover on this one though and it has better odds than Replica that it will actually be read eventually.
  9. Pandora (Guardian Angels, #1) Releases 11/1/16: Upon closer look I see that this book was originally published in 2013.  When I first saw and read the synopsis I was quite intrigued about adding this one to my fall tbr list but now that I take a closer look some of the charm has fallen off.  Still a cool cover and if it crosses my path I might give it a go.
  10. Devil in an Armani Suit releases 12/31/16: I’ve been slowly warming up to contemporary romance recently and this one looks interesting.  I can’t make up my mind if it is actually contemporary or a paranormal though.  Guess I might have to read it to find out.


Well there you have it the list of books coming out this fall that I plan to avoid reading.  What books are you looking forward to releasing soon?


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