Monday Morning Check-In: In a funk…

Monday Morning Check-In

Happy Monday everyone.  I am a little late today because I was a busy little bee this morning and got some chores done that I’ve been putting off since I entered this gave-away-my-horse-now-I’m-sad funk.  I spent most of my time feeling guilty for not working with her and for her not having a horse buddy that it was well past time to find her a new home and when this ideal situation presented itself to me I gave her away after owning her for 16 years.  I bought her when she was two months old and used to spend a lot of time with her and then we moved to a farm and I got older and busier and even a little intimidated by her… Anyway, it is done. It was the right decision and I will get over it eventually.  Hopefully soon.

On the reading front not a lot done.  Hubby and I went thrifting two days in a row and then listed items to eBay so I was busy. Did make some progress on my audio book but I think after this one if there aren’t any more available to borrow audio wise I might give up the series.  Just not that excited about it.  Of course that could be my current mood as I’m not that excited about much.  Tonight there are two tv shows I want to watch and I have been playing with my kittens, who moved to their new home on the porch this morning.  Need to decide which two will be living in the house and who will be put up for adoption soon.  They are seven weeks old today and so sweet, but rambunctious and a little hard on the home library…

Well I hope you all have a great week, happy reading.


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