Monday Morning Check-In: Review Requests

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  Another weekend has come and gone and I got diddly squat reading done.  I did go all over town on Saturday in an epic search for a new purse I love that costs less than $50…. Came home empty-handed.  I’m picky.  I did scored big on cheap books while thrifting though!  24 new titles, two complete series, have been added to my new bookcase.  I don’t know when I’ll ever get to them but that’s the beauty of books they don’t go bad.

Alright, now to the topic of the title.  I have been receiving some review requests again, I swear there is a season to these things, and as result I have updated my review requests page and policy.  Not that any of you will read it but the info is there.  I would like to point out because it has been showing up in most of the requests.  I DO NOT post review to Amazon.  Yes, I have an account there and yes, I did post a review there just last week.  There is currently only one author I will post review to Amazon for and it probably isn’t you.  I’m not trying to be mean.  It is a case of one difficult author ruined it for everyone combined with Amazon review policies that I am against.  Authors are welcome to link to my reviews here or quote the review on their site, but I am not going to post my review to Amazon.  I also might turn a book down for review if it is only offered through Amazon, a practice that I believe is unfair to readers.  If this means you don’t want to request I review your book I’m fine with that.  I currently have over 200 books up in my bedroom waiting for their turn to be read, I’ll be alright.  I do cross-post my reviews to Goodreads and Barnes and Noble (when I remember).  The blog posts are shared with my Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter account too.  I feel this is plenty of coverage for the books I review this is a hobby for me after all.

Alright I feel the tone of that was kind of snarky but I am going to leave it.  It is frustrating to get review requests from authors who don’t read my policy.  I even have it listed on my Amazon account that I no longer post reviews there and I still get requests from authors who contact me from simply seeing an old review over there.  I do have to say though most of the recent requests are at least for books relevant to my current reading taste, so that is getting better.

Okay I hope to finish a book today and I need to get my 30 day book challenge Instagram post made.  Day 29 so I’m almost done!  Happy Reading everyone.


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