30 Day Book Challenge: Day 29


Day 29: A book everyone hated but you liked

The Here and Now

Goodreads Link, Blog Review

Usually I am hating a popular book that everyone seems to love but the book pictured above is one that is actually reversed.  I was totally surprised when I went through the reviews on Goodreads after finishing this book they aren’t pretty and some even quite rude.  I liked this book.  I thought it had a good message as to how climate change is going to affect our environment in ways we can’t even to understand.  This is an important concept that more readers of YA level literature need to hear about and it seemed like everyone was hung up on the failed romance in the book.  That’s fine though, not every book is for every reader but in the end you still need to share your opinion about what you read in a polite and helpful manner. When I see reviews like some that were posted  for this book I lose respect for the reviewer not the title they are trashing.

Does the 30 Day Book Challenge sound like fun to you?  Why not join me!  Below is the graphic I borrowed off the internet, feel free to borrow it from me.  I will be posting pictures of the books I select each day to my Instagram account too.  Be sure to follow me over there to see my picture for today’s selection.




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