Monday Morning Check-In: Happy Labor Day

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  Another weekend where I managed to get some reading in, or more like listening in.  I was able to finish my audio book on Sunday.  Even scandalized my husband by making him listen to a smutty part as I worked in the kitchen.  He just rolled his eyes at me and asked ‘is that the type of books you normally read?’  Why yes, yes it is or at least half of the time.  Three-day-weekend is only two days for us as both of us worked on Saturday.  Today we take some peahens to a new home and it is off for a day of thrifting.  On the search for a new purse and I think a new to-read bookcase as the one I have is just not big enough anymore.  It is getting difficult to find what I want to read, constantly taking books on and off to find the ones long-buried, so I’m going to bring home a new one today.  If I can’t find a nice one second-hand I’m going to stop at Walmart as they had an acceptable one for $25.  I think I hear the shower has ended and we have a long day ahead of us, not to mention birds waiting in a cage.  So have a great Labor Day everyone!


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