Tor by Jacqueline Rhoades

Book Review


TorBook Genre: Romance, Science Fiction

Book Series: Woman of Earth #2

Released: 9/3/16 by Author

Pages: 326  Price: $3.99 ebook

Links:  Goodreads, Author’s Site

Source: I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.




Book Synopsis:

Always feeling overshadowed by her pretty and outgoing sister, quiet and self-effacing Wynne Donazetto dreams of college and building a life of her own were lost when Earth was invaded by two warring alien forces. Earth changed, but Wynne didn’t. Seven years later, Wynne is still living in her sister’s shadow. She’s comfortable there… until her life explodes along with the starliner she’s travelling on and she ends up in the arms of a sexy space-aged smuggler called Tor. Tor’s life revolves around his ship and his crew and both have been taken from him. He’ll do whatever it takes to get them back, even if it means sacrificing himself. Meeting the woman of his dreams is a complication he doesn’t need. Together with Tor and his eclectic alien crew, Wynne sets off on the adventure of a lifetime to retrieve a stolen spaceship and its cargo of kidnapped Women of Earth. Along the way, she’ll discover a strength she never knew she had and a love that will change her life forever.


My Review:

Let me just say this is my favorite indie author.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the books that she has published and Tor was no exception!  This is Ms. Rhoades second science fiction romance and I do believe she is acclimating to this branch of the the genre romance tree nicely.  The second book takes this series into space as we race across the galaxy with Tor a rakish space pirate who captures first Wynne and then her heart.

This book took off with a bang!  We enter the chaos of a ship hull being breached as a group invades the ship Wynne is traveling on and she ends up either rescued or kidnapped by Tor.  It takes both us and Wynne a bit of time to figure out which it is.  This is probably my favorite part of the book.  I loved the cocky quick-witted attitude of Tor and as they rush to evacuate the ship and land on a planetoid.  This was simply pure gold and so much fun to read!  I knew right off I was going to love Tor.

As always Ms. Rhoades gives us a fun cast of characters with all kinds of quirky personalities to accompany the main couple in each book.  In this one Mohawk from book one joins Ish and Posy as my favorite supporting characters.  The romance was sweet and steamy and not too over the top for those looking for more plot than time between the sheets.  The plot did move along nicely, a little slow in the middle as some of the plotting (of the characters, not the author) was worked out and the two love birds go on about how it just isn’t going to work out for them…  Makes one want to smack them both up side the head so they take a look at what they are giving up.  Of course if we didn’t go through all this then there wouldn’t be much of a book.

The ending was as action packed as the beginning and almost heartbreaking.  I was about ready to worry about the H.E.A for Wynne and Tor but rest assured Ms. Rhoades makes everything right in the end.  This was a super fun read and I loved the science fiction feel to it.  We are introduced to more aliens and get a taste for what life is like in the galaxy.  There is some serious world (or universe) building in this book and while being a original work on its own front it did remind me of other works, both on-screen and in print, that I adore.  Most notably this book reminded me quite a bit of my favorite author Ms. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League series.  It had the same feel as that one with the balance of action and romance.  I can’t wait for the next book and I wonder who will be featured next!

My Rating:5 Stars


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