Month in Review: August 2016

Month in Review

Read this month:  9 Books, 3,031 Pages 

Read this year:  38 Books, 13,737 Pages 

Looking Back:

Well, that’s more like it!  Nine books read this month, sure some of them were audio but they count too, and all I had to do was give up reading the news, politics, socializing, and all social media…  Not really feasible all the time, but I think the ban on news and politics is going to continue along with no internet after 6 pm.  I think these two new habits will be healthier for my mental and emotional well-being too.  I had so many books read this month I had to use one of WordPress’s little photo grids to get all the cover pictures to look right, because of that the images above are not linked to their reviews.  If you are interested in reading one of them you can do so under the review index tab above or just search for the title of the book in the search bar to the right.

Looking Ahead:

I’m going to just keep chugging along.  I have a couple of review books to read but is it just me or are others finding fewer titles that catch their eye over on Net Galley.  I check the site twice a day but have not put in a review request in weeks.  Maybe I’m just getting picker or simply enjoying this reading freedom I currently have with no, or few, review books breathing down my neck.  Sure the titles I’m reading aren’t new releases but sometimes it is nice to discover an author or series that has been out for a while and then you have tons of books just sitting there for you to enjoy without waiting for the next release. Look for more audio book reviews this month as I am finding them handy for chores and even got my husband into one on our mini-vacation.  Next month’s Month in Review will probably be late.  I will be out-of-town, again, to my 20 year college reunion.  If it looks like I might not finish a book before we leave I might schedule it or simply wait until we get home.

Happy Reading ~Amy


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