Monday Morning Check-In: Oy.

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday everyone.  Yes, today’s post is late.  I did not write it up before going away last weekend and this morning I needed to take an online class for work.  So I actually have a valid reason today.  I did notice this morning that the graphic I pulled for the 30 day book challenge is different from the list I have been working off of.  I most likely pulled them from two different sources and didn’t notice.  They are not that different so I am not going to update all the posts as I am half-way through the challenge.  I also noticed that I skipped day 12 over on Instagram when I left for Chicago so this morning I did not post a graphic there but instead did a short video explaining the day I missed and gave you a consolation kitten to say I’m sorry.  Tomorrow they will be back on track.  I also believe I need to take one or two more pictures and I have misplaced my list so I will need to figure that out eventually.

On the reading front, not a lot got done this weekend.  We did listen to a short audio book on the way out-of-town but I might not review that one.  We will see, maybe.  I did manage to pick up some great books at a Goodwill in Chicago and the hubby and I agree that we will need to take a thrifting vacation out there sometime.  We hit the outlet mall on the way home but after falling for thrift shopping I looked at all the prices in the stores there and I just can’t bring myself to believe $150-$300 is a fair price for a purse!  The same brand that I am carrying now that I picked up for $12 at Salvation Army is like $200 in the stores there.  I would hate myself if I paid that much for a purse.  I rather find something for an amazing deal second-hand than buy it new anymore.  I end up loving the item more knowing I got it for a steal at a store that is going to do good for people in need.  Okay, preaching done.  I need to finish up my current read and dive into a review request book for my favorite indie author.  Her second book in her sci-fi series is coming out soon and I am looking forward to seeing how the plot progresses.

Happy Reading!


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