Monday Morning Check-In: Play all day!

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone!  I was pretty busy over the weekend and had a sore foot to boot.  I worked Saturday morning and then was drug all over town with the spouse as we went thrift and office chair shopping.  Fortunately it didn’t make my food worse otherwise he would be hearing about it today.  Then on Sunday I decided it was such a nice day I did laundry, dishes so I could cook and then listed everything on eBay that my husband wanted.  That’s right I did ALL the chores on Sunday so I could play all day today, and by play I mean read.  After posting this I am going to turn off the computer and do what ever the hell I want and not feel guilty about it at all.

I did manage to get some reading in or rather listening to my audio book while doing chores.  It isn’t one I’m excited about another one of those I have to listen to for work that will not be reviewed on the blog thanks to psycho over-sensitive authors.  You can read what happen here. This is another reason I don’t review DNF books and that I DNF titles that don’t work for me pretty often.  So you might not see a lot of less than three-star reviews here but I’m also less likely to be attacked for my opinion too.

Okay, moving on.  Busy week and then a short getaway with the spouse this time.  Looking forward to that.  We are going to once again try to find an audio book to listen to on the drive but will probably end up just playing music off the phone.  Hope to have a review for you today, enjoying the book some of you helped me pick out to read last week when I needed to change titles.  I like this not having review books breathing down my neck but even with my catching up on long-put-off titles I still run into stuff I’m just not in the mood to read.

Well I hope you are enjoying my 30 day book challenge I almost have all the posts pre-written and all but two pictures taken.  I know the pictures are not that creative compared to some I see on Instagram but who has time to find all that stuff and then arrange it for that perfect shot.  Not me.  Have a great week everyone.  Happy Reading.


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