30 Day Book Challenge: Day 7


Day 7: Most Underrated Book

Angel Kin (Angel Assassins, #1)

Goodreads Link, Review

This is always a tough call for me.  How do we select and under or over rated book.  It all boils down to personal opinion… As someone who occasionally reads indie authors there are several books out there that I think should have received more love, I do believe it was the topic of a Top Ten Tuesday one week.  After going over my Goodreads shelves a couple of times I have decided to pick this one.  I enjoyed this book and the few other titles in the series.  I think this has the potential to be as great a series as some of the better known authors out there.  So I highly urge those of you who enjoy paranormal romance or urban fantasy give this author a shot.  I think you will like her work.

Does the 30 Day Book Challenge sound like fun to you?  Why not join me!  Below is the graphic I borrowed off the internet, feel free to borrow it from me.  I will be posting pictures of the books I select each day to my Instagram account too.  Be sure to follow me over there to see my picture for today’s selection.


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