Monday Morning Check-In: Book Challenge

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone.  I am awfully sore this morning as I weeded about a third of the garden yesterday.  It needed to be done as once again we let the weeds take over around mid-July…  Every year we say we are going to do better and every year we fail.  Anyway.  Today is the start of my 30 day book challenge.  I’ve already written up about half the posts and hope to finish up the rest this week.  I am also going to be posting pictures of the book of the day over on my Instagram account so be sure to follow me there too!  Link over on the side of this page or find me at @AmyJoIowa.

As to my attempt to give up social media… I’m failing a bit there too.  I’ve not posted to any site other than Instagram but I have logged on to Facebook to check notifications and catch up with authors.  Facebook has incorporated itself into so much of the internet that it is difficult to escape it completely.  I am, however, doing really well on my news and politics ban and in the end I think those are the two things that were making me the most miserable.  So I might go back to FB sooner than I anticipated but the news blockade is going to continue.  I also need to reinforce my no YouTube policy as I think that is biggest time waster that I have.  Videos are like potato chips you can’t just watch one and walk away, you end up sucked into a black hole and before you know it two hours have passed and you’ve accomplish nothing.

Today is laundry day and I have some tomatoes picked that I want to turn into spaghetti sauce for all the spaghetti squash that has invaded my garden.  I have two audio books to keep me entertained as I work so I won’t fall behind in my reading.  Have a great week everyone and if the book challenge looks like fun feel free to join me!  Let me know in the comments that you are participating and I will check your posts out.

Happy Reading! ~Amy


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