Monday Morning Check-In: Finding my sanity.

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone.  I got a ton of reading done this weekend!!!  It is amazing what giving up Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and enacting a 100% news ban does for your free time.   I have all my Monday chores done already and my kitchen is the cleanest it has been in a long time.  I also slept beautifully this weekend, managing to sleep until 9:30 on Sunday morning something I have not been able to do in a long time.  So for my local friends that might be reading this I am not doing this to punish anyone or get even or to pout.  I am doing this social media and news black out to try to regain my sanity.  The constant following of politics/news (interesting article about it here: News is bad for you) and browsing social media has simply been making me depressed and angry lately.  It should bring me joy, not negativity, so I am going to try a 30 day detox and figure out how I want to utilize it moving forward.  I am not going to give it up completely, after all it is the main way I socialize, but I need to figure out how I want it to fit into my life.

Alright, moving forward.  I might not have shared it last week but my Momma cat Ellie had her kittens last Monday.  They are just starting to open their eyes today and have begun hissing and purring.  If you want to see some pictures of them go follow me on Instagram or Twitter (links on the side of page) as I post pictures there.  They are so cute and mom is doing a great job of taking care of them.  I had to move them into a spare bed room though as she was still going around the house and beating up the two house cats.  They were so scared of her that they didn’t leave our bed room for a week!  So now she is locked up and feeling more secure and my older cats can once again spend some time on the first floor.

On the reading front I have finished two books this month so far and am well into my third.  I am starting to get used to the audio books and have been listening to them while working on chores.  Last night I actually sat and played solitaire on the computer to finish up the one for yesterday’s review I got so into it.  I think the key is to not to try to venture too far from what I would typically read normally so I am going to stick to romance and science fiction and fewer “classics”.  I do have two review books to read as well.  One of them I plan on starting next and the other perhaps later this month.  Well, I better get going I want to type up tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday and then dive back into The Beast by J.R. Ward.  Happy Reading!


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