Monday Morning Check-In: Can’t Sleep…

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone. I can’t sleep. Woke up around four am and just couldn’t turn my brain off.  Probably because I’ve made some tough decisions recently and we are coming up on one of the expensive bill months.  Anyway I won’t trouble you anymore with my stress.  Last week I didn’t get much reading in at all, which is ironic as we didn’t have internet most of the week.  It seems I can find other things to occupy my time even without this little black hole box of lost time.  Actually most of the time was spent trying to figure out how to fix the no internet.  Then there is the fact that I am struggling to get into The Shadows.  The book is better than I thought it would be but the story is just not grabbing me.  I am enjoying the audio book I started and hope to get some more listening time in as it will be cooler this week and I plan to get some walking in.

This weekend we went to go see Star Trek Beyond, you can see the review I posted this weekend if you like, pretty much spoiler free.  Other than that I am looking at ways to simplify my life.  I am giving up some commitments and need to focus on making my weight loss and reading a priority again.  I hope to get a review out to you this week but as I am only 150 some pages into my book after a week of reading I wouldn’t hold my breath…  Happy reading everyone.


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