Monday Morning Check-In: Baaa

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday late afternoon everyone.  I spent six hours today shearing sheep and then another couple hours working on laundry.  We are expecting a heat wave this week and I had yet to shear the sheep… Really late this year.  Since I have every Monday off I had my hubby help me round them up and I managed to get five of them done.  One slipped her collar and I was so tired and sweaty by then I let the little SOB go.  I will catch her again later this week and shear her on my next day off.  She can just be hot.  I also have half a llama to finish up, so this weekend is looking like it will be all kinds of fun… One bonus about spending so much time elbow deep in wool I got pretty far into an excellent audio book, A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.  A fitting title for the work I was doing (not killing sheep, but just the fact that it is a dirty job).  Anyway, now I am torn as I am into the audio book but want to also read my current print book The Shadows by J.R. Ward.  I hate switching reads… I will probably set aside Moore’s title and save it for later this week when I catch that wild little ewe or llama.

This weekend was spend not reading.  As you know Friday was the failed coup in Turkey and it loomed in the air over us like a little black cloud as we wondered what was happening to our family and ultimately to Turkey itself.  Very frustrating and stressful weekend for my husband. It also happened to be my birthday on Sunday and we spend Saturday going to our favorite Thai restaurant and visited a local arboretum.  It was a nice day, but we were both a little stressed to really enjoy the outing.  Sunday we didn’t do much beyond grill and snip at each other.  It wasn’t an awful birthday weekend, just not the best.  I am looking forward to next weekend when we get to go see Star Trek Beyond which is what I wanted to do to celebrate this weekend…  Well, that’s all I got.  I hope you all have a good week and happy reading~Amy


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