Month in Review: June 2016

Month in Review

Read this month: 4 (.5)  Books, 1693 Pages 

Read this year: 25  Books, 8931 Pages 

Awakened (Eternal Guardians, #8)  The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson, #10)  The City of Mirrors (The Passage, #3)  Invision (Chronicles of Nick, #7)  Damian (Stone Warriors, #1)

Looking Back:

Well, I didn’t read much more than last month.  I am counting half of Awakened because I read well past my normal DNF mark.  Halfway through I decided that I’m just not into the series that much anymore and broke up with the author.  If you want to read more reasons why you can click on the book to visit that review.  Otherwise, it was kind of a disappointing month goal wise, not bookwise though because the other four books I did get read were some of the best books I’ve read all year.  I managed to get caught up on all the review books and only have three left to finish and one of those I might give up on.  Along with having a fairly liberal DNF policy I need to take a similar stance on series, just because I start one doesn’t mean I need to finish them if I lose interest.  I think that just adds to reader burn-out.

Looking Ahead:

Alright, I’ve decided to scrap most of my giveaway plans due to lack of interest.  I will eventually find a way to giveaway some of the books I picked up at BEA, but for now life is busy enough.  Maybe this fall, or for my birthday, or the blog’s birthday.  So this month with only one review book that I plan on reading I hope to tackle some of the books on my ever-growing to-read bookcase.  It will be nice to read some of the titles I’ve bought for once. That’s about it, no big plans.  I have the end of the SRP at work, the fair and Fourth next week, two llamas and sheep to shear, a husband off for a week, my birthday and jury duty coming up in July…  Not to mention the garden to keep up with because I plan on not letting most of what we bought go to waste this year.  I do hope to get some reading in there too!

Happy Reading ~Amy


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