Monday Morning Check-In: Crabby…

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning everyone…  Today is going to be brief as I am in a particularly foul mood.  Spent Sunday working in the garden in heat and I’m itchy, sunburnt, sore and exhausted.  We also had a short night sleep on Saturday because we had to evacuate our house at 11 pm due to an anhydrous ammonia leak from the neighboring tank yard that made our house smell awful.  Thanks to the local fire dept and sheriff’s office for responding to the emergency and airing out our house with a really powerful fan.  So this morning all I want to do read and work on laundry.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep my eyes open for both.  Need to also think about the next BEA giveaway for the month of June.  Look for that to start on Wednesday.  Might toy with looking for another way to handle the giveaway besides Rafflecopter.  Suggestions from fellow bloggers/authors on other methods of holding giveaways would be appreciated.  What worked, what didn’t.  Rafflecopter is just a lot of work for so few people to actually enter.  Maybe it would just be simpler to have a form on the site or have people comment on a blog post.  I don’t know, will have to do some research.  Have a great Monday everyone and I hope you have a better day than mine is starting out as.  Happy reading… Amy


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Check-In: Crabby…

    1. It can affect them pretty badly, kill them just as quick as it does us if the levels reach the right level. Fortunately, you smell it pretty strongly before it gets to that point. I knew there was a small leak and dialed 911 who told us to leave. Of course, the first thing I said was, but I have animals… She replied that her main concern was getting us out of there. If it had been much worse I would have taken the house animals at least. The animals outside were probably better off then we were inside because they could still get fresh air.

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