Top Ten Tuesday: To Boldly Go

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

June 7: Ten Reasons I Love Xcould be a certain book, character, author, your indie bookstore, a fandom, a tv show, reading, a hobby, a genre. Honestly, anything you want to gush about.

If you haven’t already guessed it from the post title I’m going to be talking about my love of all things Trek for this week’s post.  There are other topics I could have picked: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cats, Birds, Politics, Turkey, Vampires, etc.  Being this is the 50th anniversary of the original series and that I wore my Star Trek t-shirt today why not.  So….

Shall We Begin Star Trek

Ten Reasons I Love Star Trek

  1. The Message:  This has to be the main reason I love Start Trek over Star Wars.  Trek is a much more optimistic message.  It is about humanity exploring the universe as explorers having overcome so much of the crap we are going through now.  The society we become in Trek’s future is one where people are equal, have their needs met and work to better the species and not for greed.  We explore the universe to learn and better our species to everyone’s benefit, not just the select few.
  2. Spock: Okay confession time.  Spock was my first crush; he has been and always shall be my favorite character.  I love his logic and how humans befuddle him in our imperfect irrational emotional reactions to life.
  3. The Technology: What I love about the tech of Star Trek is how so much of it went from science fiction to science fact and can be found in the world today.  I also loved how so much of the science from the show was based upon real theory.
  4. The Chemistry: While I have already professed my love of Spock, part of that comes from the chemistry between the trio Kirk, Spock, and Bones.  These three were not the only great relationship, though, the entire franchise is filled with dynamic and fun matchups of personalities for a Trekkie to enjoy.
  5. The Inspiration:  I love how Star Trek inspired generations of fans to create the world they fell in love with through the shows and movies.  Be it a scientist creating a cloaking device or a politician working to create an equal society.  Start Trek challenges us to create the vision of the world and society Roddenberry created.
  6. Boundaryless:  Star Trek is known for pushing boundaries.  Roddenberry created a world where races and genders were equal, the third in command of the Enterprise was a black woman at a time when either of those characteristics would have made that not possible.  The first biracial kiss on television also took place on Star Trek between Kirk and Uhura.  These are just two examples.
  7. The Longevity:  Star Trek has lasting power and continues to reinvent itself.  In the 50 years of Star Trek, there have been 12 movies (soon to be 13 with an option for 14!) and 6 tv series (soon to be 7!).  Not to mention to a tremendous amount of Trek fiction out there as books.  That all adds up to a whole lot of Star Trek for any rabid Trekkie to enjoy!
  8. The Reboot: Now this might be controversial for some Trekkies, but I love the two latest movies.  I love what J.J. Abrams did to the franchise.  If it weren’t for him and the success of those movies we wouldn’t be looking at a new tv series and possibly two more movies.
  9. The Fans: Trekkies are a fun bunch and I love how this franchise has created a passionate group of people that are so devoted to its vision.  I know this happens in other franchises, but to me, there is something pretty awesome about being a Trekkie and meeting one of your people.
  10. My Mom: Lastly I would have to credit my love of Star Trek to my mother.  Some of you might know if you know me in real life that I lost my mother when I was 12 years old.  Watching Star Trek is one of the things I remember watching with her.  We would sit in the living room on summer afternoons and watch the original series or going to see the movies.  My love of Star Trek is something I share with her even though she has been gone some 29 years.  Through Star Trek, I am able to keep a piece of her with me forever.

So there you have my love of Star Trek summed up into a Top Ten Tuesday post.  Are you a Trekkie too?  Why not share how you came to love Star Trek in the comments.


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: To Boldly Go

  1. I’ve always been a huge sci-fi fan, which means that I love both Star Trek and Star Wars (Which is controversial when you get into the fandoms). Each has it’s own world and different reasons to love them :D I love the reboots too. I’m looking forward to the new one! Fun topic :)
    My TTT


    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing! I must confess Star Wars is starting to grow on me… I’m in a mixed marriage, my husband is a Star Wars fan, and I’ve learned to appreciate both. :) LLAP

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  2. Oh my gosh, Spock! Yes, I wouldn’t have gone out with Kirk on a bet, give me Spock any day. I have a special affection for the bearded Spock in Mirror, Mirror. Little old lady that I am, I watched the original show when it first aired and it was a must see. This was way before I had even heard of fandom and conventions.


    1. It wasn’t until well after the show was in syndication that the conventions and Trekkies came out of the woodwork I believe. Took the actors by surprise and managed to keep the franchise alive. Live long and prosper!

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    1. Sorry, I am so late in replying to my comments. Honestly, the best place to find Trek stuff is either Amazon or Ebay. It is hard to find in stores. I hope you were able to find him something cool!

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  3. I didn’t like the reboot, but it was because I went into it with the wrong expectations. I had heard nothing about it and kept expecting them to hit the reset button, but they didn’t.

    I too have happy family memories of Trek. My youngest sister is a huge Voyager fan and I once spent an entire holiday weekend watching back to back episodes with her. I was dreaming Trek the whole week.

    My TTT list


    1. It’s not for everyone that’s for sure as it does have a totally different feel from the previous shows and movies, but I’m just happy to have anything Trek related with all the Star Wars stuff going around. Voyager was probably my favorite of the tv series. Thanks for sharing! Live long and prosper.


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