Month in Review: May 2016

Month in Review

Read this month: 4  Books, 1460 Pages 

Read this year: 21  Books, 7238 Pages 

Blood Lust (The Sentinels #3) Under the Surface (Alpha Ops, #4) The Martian Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1)

Looking Back:

Yep, I didn’t read much in May at all, which is ironic because I attended BEA only the largest book industry conference in the country.  I actually only read two books this month, two of these were audio books.  Under the Surface does not have its review posted yet because I am waiting until closer to the release date later this month.  Look for some fun posts in regards to that book.  I knew it was going to be a light month as I had a lot of work to do getting ready for BEA, a crazy fun week at BEA and then recovering and catching up after BEA.  I feel a little bad about one book that I’ve put on hold for like a month now and plan to finish it up tonight or by this weekend at the latest.  I am also a little disappointed in that pitiful little 21 after books read this year. I can do better than that. I need to stop letting life get in the way and sit down to read more, or realize that I’m a busier person than I used to be and maybe I won’t be reading 100+ books a year anymore.

Looking Ahead:

I am super excited for June!  Not only do I hope to bring you more reviews, I have some ARCs (that are no longer ARCs…) to catch up on, but I have one BIG name author that I was approved for an ARC for!!!  I almost want to drop everything and read that book, but am trying to hold off as it doesn’t release until the end of June.  There are some other releases earlier in the month that I need to read first.  I also plan to participate in a couple of blog tours this month!  I know some of you don’t care for them, but I though they might be fun to try.  I’ve not done many of them and this was the first time a big publishing house reached out to me and I was invited to participate in another one by the publisher of another author that I adore!  So hell yes I signed up for that one too! I’m going to keep this short as I have about six books that I NEED to read this month.  No TV and I need to learn to turn off the freaking computer earlier in the night and hit the pages.  I am determine to catch up and read everything I need to this month.  I CAN do this!

Happy Reading ~Amy


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