Monday Morning Check-In: So Freaking Tired…

Monday Morning Check-In

Oy.  I know it isn’t morning anymore, but let’s be honest I’m doing pretty damn good just having my eyes open and functioning enough to work a keyboard.  Seriously.  I am beat.  I can not remember the last time I was so tired.  I just want to crawl into bed or the floor or grass and go to sleep.  I laid down outside while saying hello to the new barn kitty and may have dozed off for a bit.  There is so much I have to do too.  My bags from BEA made it as far as the kitchen and are still sitting there, the boxes of books made it a far as the dinning room where I showed the hubby what I brought him.  BEA was so much fun, but man is it exhausting.  I am also excited to share it all with you, which I will do in a wrap up post later this week when I don’t have to think to type (struggling to type even this post…).  Keep an eye out possibly around Wednesday where I will share with you all the details of my trip.

While I had a great time in Chicago I am happy to be back in my natural environment.  I would love to just chill today, but I have laundry and the lawn to mow as I am scheduled to work the next two days.  I’m not sure how smart it will be to work a lawn mower in my current state, but the lawn needs me to get my butt out there.  I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed the pictures I shared on Istagram and Twitter.  I have brought back some books to giveaway soon and some once I read them first.  Look for more details coming this week.  Some pretty big names so yay!  Well I better go, if I mow soon I can maybe get in a nap or just fight this and hit the sheets around seven.  Happy Reading~ Amy


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