Top Ten Tuesday: Surfs Up.

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on the following:

May 10: Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books 

Okay, confession time.  Most of the websites I visit daily are bookish in nature.  I’m kidding you not.  I work in a library and I write a book blog…most of the sites I visit are book related.  From Goodreads, to State of Iowa Library, other local libraries, Overdrive, Net Galley, Blogging for Books,  Book Mooch, Publisher’s sites, Barnes and Noble (and Amazon…), to BEA planning.  All of these are visited daily or weekly at least… and all bookish.  The other sites I do visit are pretty boring in comparison.

Ten non-bookish websites that I visit regularly

  1. Facebook:  If you don’t know what Facebook is you have been living under a rock.  Not that you have to love it, but it is the site I’m on most often.  It lets me stay connected with friends, family and follow celebrities (and authors…).
  2. Instagram: This is a fairly new site for me.  I have been using it more now that I have a smart phone again, but it is a lot of fun to share pictures from day to day life and see what everyone else posts.
  3. Ebay: I frequent this site because my husband and I sell on eBay.  So this is kind of work related, but we do shop on here as well.
  4. YouTube: I taught my husband how to use this site so he could watch music and news from his home country.  Regretted the monster I created and then became hooked myself.  It is really useful when you need to see something you are trying to learn demonstrated, or see homeless dogs rescued, watch woodworking, baking, or just spend endless hours watching Buzzfeed nonsense.
  5. Yahoo: I mainly visit Yahoo to read the news.
  6. Hulu: This how I survive without cable tv.  Lets me watch most of the programs I follow after they air.  I believe CBS is the only channel I have to visit their site to catch up with Big Bang and Supergirl.
  7. The Young Turks: This is my main go to for non-corporate new.  I love Cenk and the team over at TYT and watching their streaming show during debates or election results is my favorite.
  8. Clinton County Democrats: This is a fairly new site in my rotation mainly because I have to keep reminding myself what meetings I need to be attending soon.  Somebody volunteered to be representative in their county for her Township… Sucker.
  9. Lose It: Okay I use this site to keep track of my weight, exercise, and sometimes my calorie county.  I need to get my ass back in gear and try to lose these 40 pounds I’ve put on…
  10. Pintrest:  I use this site to find ideas for programming at work (not always bookish in nature) and to look up and keep track of my favorite recipes.  I also pin Big Bang, Star Trek, inspirational quotes, but mainly just the recipes.

There you have some of my most visited non-bookish sites.  Pretty boring like I said.  What sites do you love and visit most often?  Share in the comments.  Help me get out of my rut.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Surfs Up.

    1. Lol, I had to take the messenger off my tablet and phone. Got tired of the push messages that interrupted everything else I was trying to do. Great idea about doing articles though! Going to check them out.

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