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Hey everyone!  I’m sorry that I missed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.  I was serving my county and running a local polling place for a special election.  Since I was in charge I was busy for three days (picking up, election day, and drop off), so I did have a good excuse.  I also need to start getting ready for Chicago #BEA16, not to mention a laundry list of items that I need to get done at work before my vacation.  Still I wanted to post something else this week because I might not get a book review out to you this or next week.  So I thought it might be fun to come up with an author bucket list.  I’m sure I most likely posted something like this on another TTT or some other post, but this is a list that can change and should be updated over time.

What do I mean by Author Bucket List?  For me it means authors I hope to meet in-person some time in my life.  Fairly topical being I am going to attend BEA next week in Chicago.  Shall we begin. (in no particular order beyond one and two).

Author Bucket List

  1. Sherrilyn Kenyon: Had to include my favorite author even if I’ve already met her, because quite frankly I plan on seeing this author in person when ever possible.
  2. Darynda Jones:  This author is just so cool and great about interacting with her fans through social media.  I would love to meet her someday.
  3. Katie MacAlister:  Another cool author to follow online.  Her books are always so much fun.
  4. Jacqueline Rhoades:  I’m delighted to be able to call this author friend, even though we’ve not met in real life.  Someday…
  5. J.R. Ward:  Another fun author to follow online, also I gotta hear her speak just to see if the rumors about her swearing are true.  Based upon her writing how could they not be.
  6. D.B. Reynolds:  Love this author’s series and would like to tell her in person.
  7. Jeaniene Frost: I do have signed books from this author, but to get a picture with her would be grand.
  8. Lynsay Sands:  Another one that I’ve interacted with on social media!
  9. Alexandra Ivy:  This author usually sets her books in the Mid-West which I love! Hope to cross her path someday.
  10. Andy Weir:  I know he has only written one book, but I LOVED it so much.
  11. Dianne Duvall:  She is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  12. Sylvia Day: This author is a real possibility as she will be signing at BEA this year.  Fingers crossed!
  13. Deborah Harkness:  To thank her for moving me beyond Twilight.
  14. Tricia Skinner: Another fun author to interact with online. Very cool person.
  15. Justin Cronin: Going to be at BEA 2016, fingers crossed!
  16. Dan Brown: I really enjoy his books and don’t care what you think.  There are people who are dying to meet James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks too…
  17. Sarah J. Maas:  This author is going to be at Book Con which I will not be attending…
  18.  Molly Harper: Got to see if she is as funny in person.
  19. Chloe Neill: I would actually love a guided tour of Chicago by this author to see all the Chicagoland Vampire hot spots, but I will settle for just telling her how much I lover her series.
  20. John Scalzi:  This author will be at a ticket ($) event at BEA  I’m hoping to run into him somewhere on the floor.

Alright I figure 20 is good enough.  What authors are on your bucket list?

Update notice.  I was able to cross three of these off my list after attending BEA 16 in Chicago.


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