Monday Morning Check-In: Two Weeks!

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning everyone out there in the blogosphere.  Two weeks from today I leave for Chicago for the BEA Convention.  Lots of stuff I need to do before then, but I think I have my clothes, transportation, and logging all taken care of.  Thanks to my friend for welcoming me into her home!  I’m super excited to spend some time with her as well.  I’ve begun to change from excited to nervous about the driving and being on my own in the city.  Now I know I will be staying with someone, but she has a life and I fully expect to be on my own quite a bit during the day (or at least for the conference).  I’m also a little nervous about leaving the animals. Not that I don’t think my husband won’t take care of them, but I’m a control freak.  I’m debating on having him just leave the birds locked up for a week or simply leave the doors open (it will depend if I have peachicks or not), the big animals are now feeding themselves and if I fill the water tanks they will be fine.  Cats will be fine, dog will be spending some extra time in his kennel but should be alright too.  The husband of course should be good on his own if I get laundry and dishes done on Sunday.

As to the convention itself I have been making plans for it as well.  I have two not-to-miss authors, Justin Cronin and Sylvia Day.  One of them I will need a ticket so fingers crossed for me on that front.  I did want to attend the author’s tea as John Scalzi is going to be one of the speakers, but the discussion is going to be audio books and it is an extra $40.  The time also crosses over with the Sylvia Day signing, so I think I will pass.  Also if I change my mind at the last-minute then it will just be an extra $10 to get a ticket there.  I am attending the Blogger’s Conference and there looks to be several topics that I am looking forward to sitting in on.  There aren’t a lot of authors I’m supper excited to see but they are continuing to add signing so I hope that there will be some others I want to see.  It could just be that my genre is that popular for attending this conference.  I fully expect to have a good time though and look forward to discovering new authors and making connections with publishers.

Beyond the BEA planning I’ve been working on spring chores and some Democrat functions.  Next Saturday I have the district convention to attend as a Bernie Delegate and the following week I will be working the polls for a special election.  So the time between now and Chicago should pass fairly quickly.  I’ve not been doing a lot of reading, but I did download some audio books to listen to while doing chores.  The one I plan on reviewing this afternoon is actually really good and I wish the next books were available to borrow through the library.  I can ILL them though, but will need to wait until I can carve out some time to read them first.

Well that’s it for this week.  Don’t forget you can follow me on Istagram, Twitter, and Facebook where I plan on chronicling my  BEA trip with tons of pictures.  The links to those sites are on the side of the page of click on the words in the previous sentence.  Happy Reading!


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