Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Facebook Follows

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular blog meme Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share lists on:

April 5: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow On Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat/Facebook — you pick the platform of your choice to talk about all the interesting bookish people to follow!

This week is a fun change of pace from picking books.  I’m going to go with Facebook because quite frankly that is the only social media site I truly have figured out. I usually follow these people on their other accounts as well and might even have interacted with them more on other networks, but these links will be to their Facebook pages (and Twitter accounts, I decided to add later).  Like most of you I tend to follow a lot of blogs, authors, publisher, etc, so for this list I’m going to stick to authors that I have actually interacted with through social media.  Authors are busy people, writing and publicizing take up a lot of time, so for an author to take the time to comment or like something I posted on their page makes me go all fangirl and this little TTT dedication is my way of saying thanks for making my day!

My Ten Favorite Author Follows on Facebook

  1. Alexandra Ivy Twiter & Laura Wright Twitter: These two made the list together because they have such a cute author crush going on with each other.  Watching these two gush all over each other, have contests and competitions is why if you follow one you need to follow the other, otherwise you are just missing out.
  2. Lynsay Sands Twitter: This is one of my favorite chick-lit paranormal romance authors.  She will also respond to comments on her page occasionally and keep you up to date on the upcoming releases.
  3. Darynda Jones TwitterThis is one of the few authors that I follow that has not only followed me back but accepted a friend request.  She also make me go major fangirl when she responds to tags and posts.  Love her!
  4. Deborah Harkness Twitter: Less interaction with this author, but she does have a day job as a college professor after all.  I picked her because she maintains FB profiles for the two lead characters of her Discover of Witches series, Matthew Clairmont & Diana Bishop, and will occasionally post as them, or have someone post as them…  I also have saved to PM from each character that I continue to brag about to this day.
  5. Dianne Duvall Twitter: This is a super sweet author that holds great contest and giveaways on her Facebook page.
  6. Jacqueline Rhoades Twitter:Here is another author I love that has become a good friend! I hold out hope that someday we will meet in real life.
  7. J.R. Ward Twitter: Ms. Ward is so much fun to follow online.  She will host different contest and online parties, share tons of pictures of her dogs.  Also she is a hoot to follow because she swears like a sailor and occasionally that slips out onto social media.
  8. Jeaniene Frost Twitter: Another super sweet author that posts a lot of updates for her upcoming releases through social media.  She also holds great giveaways!
  9. Katie MacAlister Twitter: This author recently made my day when she started following me on Twitter.  So freaking cool!  She also interacts with people quite a bit on Facebook and is currently holding a question of the day post.
  10. Michele Bardsley Twitter: Another author that has friended me on Facebook.  Ms. Bardsley also posts a lot of fun and often steamy posts on her account.

There you have my list this week, I think only one of them has not interacted with me personally (J.R. Ward), but regardless they are all fun to follow and spice up my Newsfeed daily.  Who are some of your favorite authors or bookish people to follow?  Leave a comment.



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