Amazon, you hit like a bitch.

What happen to this blogger is horrible, no one should be treated like this. Only serves to reinforce my decision NOT to post my reviews to Amazon. Props to her for calling them out and NEVER giving up her passion!

The Never Ending Book Basket

It’s taken me a bit of time to write this post, but I figured it’s about time to share the utter nonsense that’s happened between me and Amazon, and how a company that I once highly respected, has now become one that I have zero respect for.

I’ve thought about writing this post for weeks, what I would say and how I would capture everything that’s happened, and I’ll be honest with the fact that this post has taken on many forms, but finally I decided that it would just be easiest to state the facts.

So here it goes…

IMG_0376 This is the first email I got from Amazon. As some of you know, on February 24th I was sent an email from Amazon letting me know that I could no longer post reviews on their website, and that all of my previous reviews had been suppressed or removed…

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2 thoughts on “Amazon, you hit like a bitch.

    1. This was re-blogged from another site, so you might want to check it out there they might have answered it in one of the comments. From what I read though, they never gave the blogger a definite answer. Basically they wrote the rules so ambiguously that they can kick out any review they want for what ever made up reason. I’m thinking someone complained.


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