Month in Review: March 2016

Month in Review

Read this month: 4  Books, Pages 1,051

Read this year:  11 Books, Pages 4212

The Fold   Wolver's Reward (The Wolvers, #7)   About a Vampire (Argeneau, #22)   Runaway Vampire (Argeneau, #23)

Looking Back:

Well another month has come and gone and I’m still behind in my reading.  I’m thinking this new slower pace is probably going to be the norm.  While I will miss reading and reviewing 10, 11, or more books a month with my new commitments it just isn’t possible.  Guess that means I now have a life… Joking.  Kinda.  It does mean I have more responsibility and a more diverse set of interest, and that’s okay.  I was hoping that things would slow down, but they aren’t and that’s okay too.  Last month I could have read more, probably should have but I ended up DNFing several titles so that probably cut into book count.  If I take that into consideration then I would say I read about as much as I did the last month.  The plus side of DNFing so many titles is the ones that I reviewed are books I actually enjoyed I think all of the ones above have four or more stars. These were some great reads and I actually had trouble moving on from the Lynsay Sands’s world I enjoyed it so much.

Looking Ahead:

Not a lot of big plans in regard to blogging this month.  I have started making plans for BEA (Book Expo of America) trip in May.  I’m supper excited and have so much to work out and do before then.  I will be getting a new smart phone for the trip and several other commitments I have coming up in the next few months so I hope to become more active on Twitter and Instagram.  I am toying with daily (or more often) updates of the BEA trip to my Instagram account because quite frankly I’m never going to be a good Twitter user.  Maybe I can link the two accounts?  Is that possible?  Let me know in the comments you tech savvy followers. Anyway I will share more details about my plans in a series of posts that will probably start near the end of the month.  On the reading front I’m currently catching up on my favorite author’s releases that I’ve missed.  Ms. Kenyon writes some longer stories so it might set me back a bit review wise.  I also have some fun review books that I have agreed to read.  One of them is pretty short and should be waiting for me on the doorstep when I get home, so I might zip through that one this weekend.  I also have a book to read for work, but after the mess of what happen with last year’s read don’t be looking for it to show up on my Goodread’s account or blog.  I’m going to continue with this separation of work and blog that I’ve worked out.   It sucks, but I most likely won’t like the book anyway so you won’t be missing out. Unless you are a fan of the negative reviews and in that case sorry.

Happy April Reading Everyone~Amy


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