Monday Morning Check-In: Organization…

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning, um… early afternoon.  Yeah, yeah I know I’m late, not that you mind, but some Monday’s are busier than others. This morning I was totally on the ball for house hold chores even getting laundry done before hubby left for work.  Along with dishes, animals, mail and eBay stuff, etc.  But I did not get around to writing this post up until now,  it didn’t help that I was at a loss of topics to post about today.

Not a lot of bookish news.  I broke the book buying ban and brought home the next Lynsay Sand’s release that I desperately want to sit down and read.  Life has just gotten in the way this weekend, mainly too much noise and husband wanting to watch movies and thrift shop.  I also keep visiting two books I have sitting in a Barnes and Noble shopping basket that I keep debating over hitting that check-out button.  They are having a sale right now two hardcover books for $30 with free shipping.  One book I know I will buy, the other one would be nice to have but I don’t have to have it.  Still it is a good deal and I have until the 25th to make up my mind.  It doesn’t help that I paid propane and property tax last week and have an income tax appointment next Friday.  Still it is only $30 so it probably won’t break the bank just make me feel guilty.

As to the topic this week, organization, I have found myself feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  Basically I’m “volunteering” for too much crap and I’m spreading myself a little thin.  I have the blog (my hobby), summer reading program at work(not a volunteer situation, but still a responsibility), the creative arts with the fair, our Ebay sales, being a Bernie delegate, the BEA trip, possibly chairing a position for the local Democrats, and all the chores that need to be done at home.  I’m constantly feeling like I should be doing something or am falling behind while wasting too much time online.  I need to get organized and find a way to keep track of all my responsibilities.  I’m thinking a different notebook for each area where I make to-do lists that I go over each day to see what needs to be done and what can wait.  Some of these areas overlap or don’t really need a notebook (Creative Art at the fair) so I can probably get away with one for home, blog, work, and democrats.  Ebay is technically my hubby’s domain as I just agreed to “help” not run it, he can get his own notebook to keep track of what needs to be done.

Well I bet that was super boring, but it helped me work some stuff out little gold star to those still reading.  Thanks for listening and have a great week of reading everyone!


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Check-In: Organization…

  1. To-do lists are my thing… those and post-its, haha. Whenever you make a list, start it with something you just completed, so you can immediately cross it out. Sounds silly, but it leaves you feeling like you accomplished something already, and keeps you motivated as you look at your long list of to-dos!


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