Wolver’s Reward by Jacqueline Rhoades

Book Review


XLRiver-cover (2)Book Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Series: #7 in the Wolver’s Series

Released: 3/17/16 by Author

Pages: 275  Price: $3.99 for E-Book

Links: Author’s Site, Goodreads

Source: I received a review copy of this book from the author for an honest review.



Book Synopsis:

Fate has played River for a fool. Again. He thought he’d earned the respect of a decent and admirable wolver pack. He was grateful for it. He was content…until they took it all away, and left him alone and angry. Again.
Yet Fate rewards him with another pack, one that needs his survival skills, and one where he meets the girl of his dreams, but River is no longer a fool. The beautiful Rebecca is an Alpha’s daughter. She can never be his and she knows it, too. But knowing the outcome, changes the game, and both River and Reb decide to play this one on their own, but different, terms.
What Fate knows, and River must learn, is that happiness comes when you least expect it, and finding a love worth fighting for is what brings a Wolver’s Reward.

My Review:

This is another review where I am not sure how I feel about the book yet and will hold off allotting stars until I work everything out in the review.  I adore this author and truly enjoy all of her series regardless of genre.  The Wolver’s is one of her earlier ones and it seems hard to believe we have been with this world for seven books already!  I have to confess this author is the one that won me over to shifter stories, before this series I was strictly a vamp fangirl.

So in this latest addition to the Wolver’s series we revisit a character that was introduced in book three as a young man.  Seems hard to believe that enough time has passed for River to be all grown up, so either there was a time jump or I am remembering him as younger than he was in book three.  Of course we also have a visit from everyone’s favorite match maker/meddler Eugene Begley to get the ball rolling for this story as he has with the others.  His is a fun character and I would love to see a prequel of how he ended up with such a vital role for the Wolver community.  I bet he has some interesting stories to share.

Back to River and Reb… I just have to come out and say it.  I struggled with River for a good part of the book.  In the end the author was able to win me over to him, like she always does, but I spent much of the book in a love/hate relationship with the character.  Perhaps hate is too strong of a word, more annoyance.  I so desperately wanted to knock that chip off his shoulder in the first half of the book and around the middle to end I wanted to knock some freaking sense into him.  Then I would switch and really identify with him and want to make everything better for this independent wolver.  I admired him throughout the entire book but so wanted to adjust his personality half the time.  Of course I believe some of my issue with him is I see some of his characteristics (anger, fear of abandonment) in myself, the very ones I seem to be struggling with lately.

Then there is Reb, who was a very sweet character and only annoyed me with her hang-ups over swearing.  It did lead to a cute running joke between her and River, but I would have been so tempted to up my cursing vocabulary if I were to interact with her in real life.  I think Reb was the perfect match for River though and was delighted to watch them come together.

This book also featured some fun supporting characters which is a trademark style for this author.  Ms. Rhoades excels at creating a community for her stories that you can’t help but fall in love with.  The danger felt a little more subdued in this story and it was more of an inner struggle that the characters needed to overcome to reach their H.E.A.

Over all this was a great addition to a well established world.  Probably not my favorite, but I still had a fun time and know I grew a little as a reader having some of my personal flaws reflected in the characters.  That is one of the things I love about reading fiction, the stories we escape to hold a mirror up to our own lives and let us see ourselves and others through a new set of eyes.  We can then take those experiences and see how we can learn to better ourselves.  If you are a fan of Ms. Rhoades you will not want to miss her latest addition to one of her original series.

My Rating: 4 Stars


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