Monday Morning Check-In: Let it go…

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get in some reading and relaxation in this abbreviated weekend.  My weekend was spent socializing, being a delegate for Bernie at the local DNC convention and finally a day of  thrifting with the hubby.  I didn’t read one single page beyond the convention booklet.  Oh well I’ll finish up my current read this afternoon while I work on laundry and hopefully get a review posted for you this evening.

Now for the topic of today’s post.  Maybe it was the 8:30 cappuccino on top of a time change but I found myself organizing and weeding books on my to-read bookcase last night at about 12:30 last night, because that’s the hour all half-baked plans seem to start….  Anyway I’ve decided to channel my inner Elsa (no I’ve not seen the movie, but I’ve heard that damn song enough) and let it go when it comes to some of the books that have been sitting there waiting for their turn to be read.  I have to face facts and admit that I will never read some of them and that’s okay.

All of this was prompted by a case of books I brought home for $1 from thrifting.  There were a few books I was interested in, but the majority of the books in the box I had already read.  I asked how much and the guy wanted to sell the whole box for $1 and I couldn’t pass them up.  I  switch out the nicer copies with ones I owned and put the rest up for sale on eBay in lots by author.  After all of those books were sorted out and I was adding the keepers to my bookcase I decided enough was enough I needed to weed. So I did at 12:30 this morning I started sorting and pulling books and I have a huge box of books I am going to let go because I am never going to read them,ever. Sadly most of them I just lost interest in, reading taste change and I need to make room for what I want to read.


Here they are all the books I’ve given up on ready for me to remove from my Goodreads account and either put up for auction or for trade.  I feel kind of liberated over this whole project.  I have also gone through my bookcases of read books and started removing titles and entire series that I am no longer interested in there too. All of this does not mean I no longer love books, it simply means I’m growing as a reader and learning to let go.  Just because you once fancied a book doesn’t mean you always will.  As readers we sometimes  take this all to seriously.  Unless we are being paid for our reviews we are under no obligations to finish a book, keep a book, or in some cases even start it in the first place.  Reading is our hobby and sometimes our own ideas and rules can suck the fun right out of it.  Today I took another step in declaring my reading independence.


Happy reading everyone!


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