Monday Morning Check-In: Busy Week

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning everyone.  Yesterday marked the beginning of a very busy week for me so that means there might not be a Top Ten Tuesday or book review posted this week.  I am currently reading an ARC that I would love to finish up this week and then I plan to start some of the books that have been piling up on my to-read book-case.  Somewhere in the running around I need to work in baking four doz cookies and reading through the booklet they sent me for the convention I’m attending on Saturday.  Hopefully it will be a fast week and things can return to a normal pace next week.

The temps have been warming up here and I pulled the plastic off one window and opened it today.  I also hung laundry on the line for the first time.  It is fairly windy though and I hope it all stays on the line and doesn’t end up in the muddy garden.  The animals have all caught spring fever as well.  Barn cat came home with a swollen eye after getting into a fist fight, llamas and horse took a tour of the county last week and the peacock thinks it is mating season and is looking to pick a fight with any reflective surface he can find most notably my truck…

Other than being busy things are alright, dreading the upcoming income tax appointment.  Nervous on how that is going to go.  Well I need to either start baking cookies or look into scheduling a Top Ten Tuesday post for tomorrow.  Mostly it will depend on what the topic is.  I hope to have one book review for you later this week.  Happy Reading!


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