Month in Review: February 2016

Month in Review

Read this month: 5  Books, Pages 2,021

Read this year:  7 Books, Pages 3,161

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) Miasma (Star Trek: The Original Series) Midnight Marked (Chicagoland Vampires, #12)

Brighter Than the Sun (Charley Davidson #8.5) The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson, #9)

Looking Back:

Before I get into looking back I would like to mention that the books pictured above link to their reviews that I wrote if you want to go back and read them.  Okay so February wasn’t too awful.  I feel like I am coming out of the storm and see the end of my year-long reading slump.  I managed to zip though several books recently even resorted to threatening bodily hard to the husband if he would not go away and let me read.  That is always a good sign when it comes to reading, not so much for the marriage.  He gets it, he knows he is married to a book-worm.  You should see some of the looks I get when I interrupt a good YouTube video he is watching… Anyways.  I think the bulk of my problem was stress.  Last year was a turmoil filled year for us as hubby changed jobs and we learned to live on a lot less.  We are doing alright, but it was an adjustment and it made me realize all the times I worried about money before I shouldn’t have, and that short of winning the lottery I will probably always worry about money.  It comes from growing up in a one parent household where that parent couldn’t work and had to raise two children on disability.  I will always worry about money and expect the sky to be falling.  It is in my DNA.  Most of the time though we are going to be okay, and I need to remember that.  We are still far better off than most.  So now that I have acclimated to our current standard of living and the caucus has passed us by in Iowa I find myself more in the mood to read.

Looking Ahead:

I am finding myself in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to review books.  I only have three on my plate and that’s okay.  I am going to continue to limit my review acceptance as I think it might have also been a contributing factor in the reading slump.  For the next few months I am just going to focus on catching up on series I enjoy or authors I adore and hope that takes me even further out of the reading block and depression I slipped into last year,so far it seems to be working.  It also means I might make a dent on that to-read bookcase sitting in my bedroom that threatens to bury me in an avalanche of unread titles if I take a wrong turn in the middle of the night.  Right now I have just started a promising Sci-Fi to be followed with an ARC from a favorite indie author of mine then who knows what the hell I’ll read. I have a stack of 7-9 titles sitting on my coffee table to choose from and I am just going to see where my mood takes me.  Hopefully I will be able to beat the number of book I read this month, but you know what if I don’t that’s okay too.  I am going to keep the pressure off and Read What I Like.

Happy reading and only 20 more days till Spring!


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