Monday Morning Check-In: Blogging at Lightening Speed!

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday early afternoon…  I would like to say I have a perfectly good excuse for not getting my post up this morning.  The phone company came and hooked us up to fiber optic cable today!!!  So I am now surfing the internet at lightening fast speeds, zoom zoom.  Okay I might be a little more excited about this than normal people would be.  I know that I could have also scheduled my post, but with the visiting workers we spent yesterday cleaning the pit otherwise known as our basement and the first floor.  Trust me it needed it.  Then there was the Oscars last night that the spousal unit and I have a tradition of watching together and it all ends up with the result of a late blog post.  Speaking of Oscars thought what the hell with Mad Max winning so much?!  Personally I have absolutely no interest in watching what is so obviously a very violent movie, The Revenant is also on my not-to-watch list for the same reason…  I was so disappointed that The Martian didn’t win anything it was up for, oh well, the book was better anyway.

I am hesitant to announce that I think my reading slump might be over.  Fingers crossed, but I have been in the mood to read more and ended up finishing three books last week!  I have yet to start a new one this week because of all the cleaning, but I have three days off with no major chores needing to be done so I plan to get some serious reading time in.  I also seem to have hurt my leg and think it best to stay off of it for a while.  Oh darn.  Look for more insight into why I think my reading slump broke in tomorrow’s Month-In-Review post for February.  Well I’m off to test our my new speedy internet with a couple of YouTube videos before hitting the books.

Happy Reading!


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