Happy Blogiversary & Giveaway Winner!


Greetings everyone!  Two years ago today Read What I Like went live.  It seems hard to believe it has been so long, it might feel longer simply because I have been reviewing books since 2012, please if we are friends on Goodreads Do NOT go and read any of those old reviews…  Thank goodness most of them were short is all I have to say.  I’ve enjoyed blogging plan to continue.  Like I’ve said before even if no one reads my reviews or bookish posts I am mainly doing this for myself.  I am of course delighted though that so many of you take the time to read what I have to say and find it entertaining.

For my third year of book blogging I promise to continue to post my honest opinions of what I read and will work to keep the posts coming a little more regularly this year.  I feel like my reading slump might be ending so hopefully that will help.  Read What I Like will be attending the Book Expo of America this year.  I look forward to sharing all kinds of fun posts and giveaways afterwards.  I am going to simplify a bit this year and focus mainly on the reading and less about the challenges.  I need to also work out a schedule to go around the blogs I follow and read/comment more and will focus on that instead.

Thank you all for the support these two years. Here is to another great year of reading!


Did you think I forgot something?!  I haven’t.

I would also like to congratulate Marty C. on winning the blogiversary giveaway!  I will be getting you coloring book and Turkish good luck charm out to you shortly.  Thank you to all who entered.





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