Monday Morning Check-In: Giveaway

Monday Morning Check-In

Good Monday morning kiddies.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was alright.  Saturday I declared it PJ Day and informed the spousal unit that I would not be changing out of my pjs all day.  My plans were for a day where I didn’t have to leave the property.  I’d say house, but I have animals that need to be taken care of outdoors.  So after completing my chores I sat down on the couch with my nook to spend the sunny morning reading and promptly fell asleep…  I did get some reading done in the afternoon, but spent the evening watching movies with the hubby.  Over all it was a nice lazy day. Sunday I spent six hours in a platform committee meeting and followed that up with some late night grocery shopping.  My brain was numb when I got home so I mainly spent the rest of the night sipping tea and watching YouTube.  I am so hooked on the How to Cake It channel…  My main accomplishment of the day I would have to say was not bringing home one single treat for myself from the grocery store.  Major achievement (that I will be cursing once my next chocolate craving hits…) Anyway that sums up my weekend.

This Wednesday is the two-year anniversary of Read What I Like and I decided to celebrate by holding a giveaway for one of my review books.  I am giving away an adult coloring book Whatever is Lovely and a Turkish good-luck charm, kind of like the one you see on the blog.  The Rafflecopter went live last Wednesday and ends on Feb 24, 2016, so there is plenty of time left for you to enter (the link is below).  Look for the winner to be announced on the blog on Thursday.

Well that’s all I have this week.  I have laundry to do and the upcoming release from the Chicagoland Vampires series is calling my name. Happy reading and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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