Monday Morning Check-In: Busy, busy, busy…

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you all had a good Valentine’s day.  The hubby and I spent it thrifting during a snow storm… Not my idea, but luckily it wasn’t a bad storm and we spent most of the time of the storm inside and by the time to go home the roads were fine.  We found all kinds of good items to keep and resale, but sadly no books.  I did find my own Wesley Crusher action figure that I just couldn’t pass up for $2.  Yes, I’m that much of a Trek geek!  Actually I really enjoy following Wil Wheaton through FB and other sites and then there is the infamous Big Bang episode where Sheldon’s feud with Wheaton comes from a lost card game and a missed opportunity to have his action figure signed at a comic con.  So it has geeky appeal on multiple levels for me.

What about the reading though.  I’m still not done with Dance with Dragons. I’m beginning to think it is the book and not just me.  I only have like five more chapters left, but might not get around to finishing it today because I have some other chores to catch up on first.   Also the hubby has the day off and there is just too much noise in the house to concentrate.  Tomorrow possibly.  This week for sure… Haven’t I said that before though.

Read What I like Announcement!


You could win this!

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the blog on Feb 24 I’ve decided to hold a giveaway.  The giveaway goes from 2/17/16 to 2/24/16 and is open to US and Canadian residence only.  Check the giveaway tab/page on Wednesday or you can enter on my Facebook page.  I will be writing up an announcement post once the Rafflecopter widget goes live.

Well that’s it for today, I need to get my chores done so I can finish the beast of a book I’ve been struggling with.  Happy reading everyone!



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