I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic

Okay folks I’m going political for a moment. “What I didn’t sign up for this!?” you might say, but bear with me for a moment before you stomp off in a huff. Monday is the Iowa Caucus and being the left leaning political junkie that I am I must confess that much of my reading time lately has been spent following the circus that parades through my state every four years. I am a firm believer in the process, if not always the candidates or elected officials. I believe so much that when we participate we can bring about real change that I volunteer to work polls and even run my local caucus. Last election 63% of you stayed home. I say you because I know where I was, I waiting on you to come vote! When that many of us stay home it sends a message, that we are alright with our current fucked up system where those with the money have all the say. We deserve better than that, we deserve politicians that represent us and not special interest groups. This caucus night I’m standing for Bernie Sanders and this blog post that I found sums up beautifully why. So I hope you go read it and most of all I hope you go exercise your right as a citizen and vote. #FeelTheBern

Cody Gough (dot com)

Today I read for maybe the 10,000th time an assertion that supporters of Bernie Sanders are unrealistic, that Bernie Sanders supporters will all be disappointed if they elect him because he won’t be able to bring the change he’s promising, that Bernie Sanders’ policies will be “just another example of Democrats making promises they can’t keep,” and so on and so forth. And I’d like to briefly dispel a misconception about people who support Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States:

We’re not stupid.


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4 thoughts on “I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic

  1. Another Bernie fan here too. And while I would be disappointed if nothing comes about, I’m smart enough to recognize the president doesn’t have the power to do things unilaterally. I recognize that electing a president is more like creating a trail marker for other politicians to know which direction we want to go. And at least electing him makes it less likely the government week be dragged in a direction I categorically don’t want to go.

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