Monday Morning Check-In: Yep…I got nothing.

Monday Morning Check-In


Good Monday morning everyone… As the title of this post indicates I’ve got nothing.  No ideas at all for what to blog about this Saturday afternoon as I pre-write my Monday post.   Absolutely nothing bookish is on my mind.  So I’m going with that.  What sort of things would you like to read about in my Monday posts?  Or what are some of your go to topics for discussion when you are feeling particularly apathetic and need to type up a blog post?  Feel free to share in the comments!

Not a lot on the reading front.  I’m not quite half way, okay only 30% into my current read of A Dance with Dragons.  One of my review books was a DNF so I decided to dive into the last book published in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  So far it is going alright, not a whole heck of a lot happening.  I’m agreeing with a fellow blogger’s review in that there is at ton of traveling in this book.  Everyone seems to be on the road from one location to another and it isn’t all that exciting.  I’m hoping it picks up soon.  I am appreciating that I’m back with my favorite characters again, but now I’m missing a couple from the last book that ended in cliffhangers.  From the author intro it sounds like the two stories will meet and I’ll learn of their fate soon eventually.  George R.R. Martin is not known for his brevity…

Non-bookish new.  I’m going to (have gone) to see Bernie Sanders for the fourth time Saturday.  I’m super excited as this is my husband’s first time seeing him.  I’m also preparing for caucus in a week.  I’ve been drafted to run my voting precinct and am a bit nervous about it.  There is math involved and I’m not a fan.  I will never complain about being a poll worker ever.  They don’t expect us to perform complex math equations to work the general elections (and they pay you…).  Still if we want to have a say in our nation’s political process then someone needs to get in their truck on a cold February night and run this dog and pony show (or shall I say donkey and elephant show) so Iowa can nominate their candidates.

So that’s what’s going on… not a lot bust still busy.  Hopefully I’ll have a review for you this week as I would really like to finish up A Dance with Dragons this month.  Happy Reading!


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