Monday Morning Check-In: Winter Bites



Good Monday morning everyone.  I sincerely hope it is warmer where you are than it is here in Iowa this morning.  To those of you where it is colder than 0, I’m sorry for my bitching.  We are near the end of our second cold snap and I’m so looking forward to it being over.  I swear I won’t complain about 30 degrees for the rest of winter if it would only stay there.  I’ve been spending my cold winter nights in the Seven Kingdoms of A Song of Ice and Fire. The dead of winter just seems like the right time to read George R.R. Martin.  I was going to take a break between book 4 & 5, but the review book I was going to read was about zombies and I DNFed the title.  Which is ironic in the sense that A Dance with Dragons also features zombie like creatures…  Oh well,  I guess I’m going to be reading about zombies then.  I’m not very far into the last published book in the series, but I hope to finish it this month.  That will mean I’m only going to read two books this month, well one coloring review book too, but you know what I’m alright with that.  Now that the pressure to keep up with my reading pledge is off I’m just going to Read What I Like and not give a damn if I only read a handful of books this year or over 100.  The most important point is that I’m reading and that I’m reading what I enjoy.  Have a great week everyone and happy reading.


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