Bookish Thoughts: Arguments with myself.


This short one-act play is brought to you by the makers of Procrastination and Denial: Stronger Together…

Bossy Amy: HEY!  Just what the hell do you think you are doing?!  Get off that computer.

Slacker Amy:  What?  I’m just checking  the Facebook, Ebay, Email, Net Galley, Blogging for Books and Yahoo News site before I settle down to read.

Bossy Amy: Bullshit, you’re going to end up on YouTube and waste three hours watching videos before attempting to read after you exhaust your eyes and have a massive headache.

Slacker Amy [in a soft sulky tone]: No I’m not…

Bossy Amy:  Yes you are.  How many pages are in your current read?

Slacker Amy: 975.

Bossy Amy: And what page are you on?

Slacker Amy: 209.

Bossy Amy:  Turn off the computer and hit the book middle-aged lady.  …[room starts spinning] Whoa,  What was that?

Slacker Amy: Hey this isn’t Facebook!

Bossy Amy: No I thought it was the shower.

Blogger Amy [typing furiously away]:  Sorry ladies I’m hijacking this story to share on the blog.

Bossy Amy:  Not you too!  You are supposed to be on my side didn’t this very morning you posted about setting aside more reading time.

Blogger Amy: Yes, but I also said promises were meant to be broken and to post three blogs a week and there is no way in hell we are finishing A Feast for Crows this week.

Bossy Amy:  Well we sure as hell won’t unless we get off the computer.

Slacker Amy: Just as soon as we check our sites.

Blogger Amy: and finish this post.

Bossy Amy:  That’s it I’m done, don’t come crying to me when we fall behind and they stop giving us free books we want to read.

Blogger Amy: …. Maybe as soon as we done with this.

Slacker Amy: Fine, but I want a big bowl of popcorn and a cookie.

Bossy Amy: Popcorn yes, cookie no.

Slacker Amy:  You are so mean.

Blogger Amy: She really is.

Bossy Amy: Please, if it wasn’t for me nothing would get done.

Slacker Amy & Blogger Amy: True…



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