Monday Morning Check-In: BEA Baby!



Good Monday morning everyone and a happy 2016 to you all.  I for one am thrilled the holiday season is over and life can return to normal and hopefully I can find my reading groove.  Also am really, really looking forward to no more noise in the house coming from the office…Love you hubby, constant YouTube not so much.  Well it is the start of a new year and it is time to start new reading goals and blogging plans, look for those to be shared in tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday.  Today I am excited to share with you that I am going to the Book Expo of America or BEA in Chicago this May.  I. Am. SO. Excited!!!

So a little information on the plans so far and then I have some questions for those of you that have attended before.  I have the husband’s blessing and put a feeler out on Facebook asking friends that live there if they have a couch I can crash on for the week.  I live only three hours from the city and know several people who live there so I did some shameless begging.  If no one took mercy on me hubby was still okay with me getting a hotel room, but fortunately a college friend that lives in the city was delighted to offer me shelter!  So now the trip went up a notch because I will be visiting with an old friend too!!!  So excited.  Hubby is happy too because this basically cut the cost of my trip in half.  Now I just need to secure time off work and buy my ticket.  I already put it out there and my boss seemed cool with it, but until it is on the calendar I’m not going to register.  Was looking into pricing and I think I can register as a librarian too and save myself $60.

I’ve also been watching YouTube videos like crazy with tips for first timers and been learning a lot.  Like I didn’t even think how I would get the books home.  I learned that UPS is there and offers boxes for shipping, but that seems awfully expensive for someone who lives only three hours away.  So I think I might be driving in and leaving my truck at my friend’s house so I can stash my books there instead of trying to cram them in one bag for the train.  Of course this means I need to drive in Chicago, something I normally need to be sedated for to ride in the passenger seat.  If I research the route and pick some smaller highways I should be good, and it isn’t like I will be driving downtown.

So now for the questions:

  1. Is the blogger’s conference worth it? I’ve heard conflicting information about this and would love more feedback from those of you who have attended.
  2. Is there anything that I should definitely bring with me?  Anything to leave home?
  3. Can you wear a backpack?
  4. Are you going?  Wanna meet up?  I’d love to meet some of you in person.
  5. What booths do you consider a must visit? Or a not to bother?
  6. Any and all tips are welcome!


Now something I can offer.  I’m quite familiar with Chicago, hubby and I usually go once a year for an extended weekend.  I you are looking for someone to help you get around town or tips on good restaurants or not to miss attractions feel free to ask, email

Happy Reading.


6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Check-In: BEA Baby!

  1. Woo BEA! I’m debating if I want to go this year. Cost of the ticket is just so expensive though! So, I need to see if I can work that into my budget. I’ll be curious to hear if the Blogger conference is worth it too. I hope you have a great time!


    1. Hopefully it will work out for you. Let me know if you end up going I’ll keep an eye out for you! It is a huge amount of $$$, I did end up signing up for the blogger conference which is extra. Hopefully it is worth it, but I figured I’d go at least one year.

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  2. I’m so excited for you to go! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I was really hoping to go since it is much closer to my home state and my brother lives in Chicago, but the hubby is graduating from college that weekend so alas, I will be unable to attend once again.


    1. Awe… Sorry you will miss it, darn hubby having to have a valid reason you can’t attend ;). Congratulation on his huge achievement and I would be looking into how many brownie points you earned for having to miss out. Kidding…kinda.

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  3. Awesome! Have fun for the both of us Amy! I can’t wait to hear how your experience is. I’ve heard you really gotta do proper planning with the booths you’re hitting up in terms of mapping as it would seem easy to get overwhelmed with everything publishing. I’d say go to the publishers who have anticipated titles you’re after (assuming they’d have ARCs and the like to distribute).


    1. Thanks Joey! It should be a blast. So far I’ve not seen many of the blog I follow attending, but it might be a bit early yet too. I have been hearing about the need to plan, plan, plan. I don’t think they have all the speakers and publisher scheduled yet, or at least not on the site yet. Hopefully they will post all the details soon so the plotting, opps I mean planning can begin.


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