Monday Morning Check-In: Hey, I planned ahead!



Good Monday morning everyone out there in the blogophere!  I actually got my act together and wrote this post up on Sunday night and scheduled it so there would be a Monday Morning Check-In this week.  Feeling pretty proud of myself this morning.  I know that it has been a while since I shared a check-in post and there is no good excuse except that life got in the way.  Hopefully 2016 will bring us more consistency in my reading and blogging.  The year is not over yet though and I should probably save goals for another post.

Well I made it,  I completed my reading challenge over on Goodreads. I only had to change my reading goal twice…  I still hope to read another two books before the end of the year, but as of right now my reading total for 2015 is 86 books.  A totally respectable number, but probably not my best effort.  Next year I am not going to play these little games with Goodreads and only pledge to read 52 books and just see how many I end up reading.  As to the other two challenges I “signed-up” for…. Um, yeah not going to finish either of those.  They have now become reading challenges I hope to eventually finish. Next year I don’t think I will be taking on any new challenges and just focus on getting back into my reading and blogging grove.  This is supposed to be FUN!  Not work, and this year the blog has felt more like work than a hobby. I also have plans for a second blog, so my plate is going to be full enough thank you very much.  Perhaps I will challenge myself to read some selected titles that have been on my Nook or to-read bookcase for some time now. We will see what I come up with.

I would also like to send a big THANK YOU to the ‘Santa’ that send me two books from my post Top Ten Tuesday: Dear Santa,.  That was such a wonderful surprise and really touched my heart.  This time of year is pretty frustrating for me as I struggle with the pull to want to celebrate the holiday from my youth (prior to mother-loss) and knowing that it will always be a disappointment so why bother.  Your kind act brought me a moment where I felt as it once was. Thank you.

Only four days left and hopes to read one or two more books before the big New Year’s celebration at my house (aka my husband’s version of Christmas…) and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a great New Year.  Happy Reading!


One thought on “Monday Morning Check-In: Hey, I planned ahead!

  1. I keep contemplating giving myself a “reading challenge” because I think it would be a fun way to introduce myself to new genres, authors and cultures buuuuuuuuuuuuut I also have limited time for reading and would rather just read things that are fun/I want to read right then and there. At least for now. Either way, I agree with you. Reading and blogging should be FUN, so kudos to you for embracing the joy in reading. Hope you have a very happy New Year! :)


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