Month in Review: November 2015

Month in Review

Read: 3  Books,   Pages 704

Year to Date:  80 Books, 22393 Pages

Goal for year: 100 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 50/74

Looking Back:

Wow.  Just when I thought I hit my reading rock bottom, bam a month like November hit.  This is just pitiful.  They should revoke my book blogger ID card and kick me off Net Galley.  (Net Galley: Please don’t, I’ll get my act together.  Promise).  I would love to give you a ton of excuses for why I’ve not been reading and blogging has slowed way down, but I wont.  Basically it boils down to stress, busy work and a YouTube addiction…  Husband was laid off last week for 8 days and when he is home my reading schedule gets thrown out the window.  We spent much of last week listing stuff on eBay (our new side job to raise extra funds that goes well with our love of thrift store shopping).  I’ve also been baking, like a mad woman.  I currently have 14-15 dozen cookies, 4 different kinds, in my freezer waiting to be given up as holiday gifts.  I still have two, maybe three, more batches to go.  It isn’t that I know a lot of people, but I want to give a variety of cookies with each tin and I didn’t think to make half batches.  It all started with wanting to make some decorated cut sugar cookies and has snowballed into this massive baking marathon.  Husband is definitely reaping the rewards though as I sent him out the door today with yet another sandwich bag of home-made cookies in his lunch box.

Looking Ahead:

With only one more month of reading left for the year I have to face facts.  I am not going to hit my reading goal or finish my challenges.  I might cheat and read some novellas, but even with that 20 books this month is going to be difficult.  I might lower my reading goal to 90 and just hope I make 100.  Next year my pledge is going to be 52 books.  One a week is totally respectable and I will probably read way more than that anyway.   As to my challenges.  I am not going to sign up for anymore and extend the two I am working on for one more year.  I might look into a personal challenge of x# of books off my physical to-read bookcase.  Even after I weeded that one and with my book-buying ban it is once again overflowing with books.  I hope that you continue to stick around while I work through some personal crap and get back to my reading grove.  I hope to finish up one book today and start in on some novellas.  I might even get a Top Ten Tuesday out today too.  So here is to the last month of reading for the year.  I hope you all make your personal reading goals and challenges and have a great holiday season.  Happy Reading



One thought on “Month in Review: November 2015

  1. I’m managing to complete most of my reading Challenges for 2015. The two I’m failing miserably on are both “Finishing the Series” ones. Too regimented. Ones I’ll do for sure next year are Classics, Cozies and Mysteries plus my favorite Genre (a different genre each month, at least one book).


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