Month in Review: October 2015

Month in Review

Read:  5  Books,   Pages 1330

Year to Date:  77 Books, 21689 Pages

Goal for year: 104 books

Challenges Crossed Off: 50/74

Looking Back:

Well last month’s reading sucked.  Actually I am really surprised that I managed to read five books.  Granted one of them was a coloring book, another a novella, and the last a journal…  So it is no wonder I feel like I only read two books, I kinda only did.  Oh well.  Then there was the drama with the author that you can read about in this post, Bookish Thoughts: Bully Authors.  I did find a new author I really like, but that was negated by the huge disappointment of The 5th Wave.  I would love to just put this month behind me and say things are going to get better, but….

Looking Ahead:

…I can’t.  We have some personal family issues that we are just starting to venture into and I don’t think things are going to be better anytime soon.  I am going to continue to be super stressed so for the next few weeks I am not going to pressure myself to blog regularly.  If I’m having a bad Monday or Tuesday I might not post anything, but if I have the time and am up to it I will try to keep my scheduled posts and reviews as I finish books.  If things get real bad though I might just be posting book reviews some weeks.   For the next two months I am going to concentrate on finishing the Goodreads pledge.  I have 27 more books to read and quite frankly I don’t think there is any way I will finish that many in two months.  Even with Novellas I might be cutting it short, but maybe I can make it with some short stories.


After note:  No one is sick and our marriage is fine.


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